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5 Best Ways to Show Some Love (to your Social Media Manager!)

Congratulations! You've hired a SMM (or Social Media Manager). Guess what? We are excited to execute your vision and help you reach your online goals! Let's work together, we've got this! But if you're wondering how you can help us help you? Here's some sure-fire ways that your SMM will love you forever. 😘

1. Allow us to be PLAYFUL. CREATIVE. FUN. Give us some leeway when it comes to being entertaining and spontaneous with your brand. Some brands we understand must stay fairly conservative, but too often we (and our companies) take ourselves too seriously!

2. Provide a nice, clean, up-to-date, high-resolution version of your logo. Many times I have heard "just pull it off my website". Pretty please, dig up those files from your designer and share them with us - guaranteed to look much more professional.

3. Do your homework on copyright. If you are sending graphics or photos that do not belong to you, please ensure you've got proper permission to use.

4. 2 words. Unique content.

5. Smile and nod. Humour us by taking our content calendar seriously 😝. We promise, you'll thank us.


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